Formed and registered in 2016 with Arua District, incorporated with Registrar of Companies in 2016 and Registered with National NGO Board in 2016, West Nile Community Action for Rural Development (WN-CARD) is a Ugandan Community Based, Multidisciplinary, non–profit making, Local Non-Governmental Organization working in West Nile Sub-Region of Uganda.

Headquartered in Arua City in the West Nile Sub-Region of Uganda, WN-CARD continues to make a profound and progressive contribution towards the development of rural communities and Refugees in Uganda in the areas of Environment and Energy, Education, Sustainable Agriculture, gender and equality and Community Health.

WN-CARD works with a number of partners in the implementation of its mission. These include the Integrated Farm Management Consult (IFMC), local governments of Arua and Yumbe, local CBOs and other National and International Organizations.

Over the years, WN-CARD has enjoyed the trust of partners and thus, the increase in the number of the partners. Additionally, the number of communities served and scope of activities have increased tremendously.


WN-CARD started in 2015 and got registered in 2016 as a local community based organization (CBO) with Arua District Local Government ( Reg. No. 749) and got registered with Registrar of Companies of the Republic of Uganda as a company limited by guarantee in 2016 (Reg. No. 230765). Currently, the organization is registered with the National NGO Board (Reg. No. 12514)

WN-CARD was built on two key words namely Community Empowerment and Rural Development. This is a deliberate focus on hard to reach communities to enable them grow out of poverty and indifference.

WN-CARD started getting funds and support in 2017 and the level of funding and support has been increasing since then to date. The number of staff has now reached about 10. They are all committed group of people running the projects being implemented.

The needs in the communities are still great but the resources are limited. That is why members still have much work to do as far as contributions and resource mobilization is concerned.


A Healthy, Productive, literate and economically vibrant community.


To Build the capacities of the communities for sustainable living.

Core Values

The values of WN-CARD can be summarized in the acronym ‘STRENGTH‘ standing for:

  • Simplicity– in the way we present ourselves and our interventions
  • Team spirit– in the way we carry out activities together not in isolation
  • Respect– in the way we treat one another
  • Excellence– in the way we carry out our jobs
  • Novelty– in the way we introduce and use creativity
  • Guardianship– in the way we employ our resources
  • Time consciousness– in the way we start and close our operations
  • Honesty– in the way we communicate and act towards each other


WN-CARD is an indigenous Non-Governmental organization. The organization has an operation permit to work in the whole of Uganda. However, currently, the Organization is visible in the Districts of Arua and Yumbe with potentials to expand to other districts in the West Nile Region and beyond.