The sector aims at achieving the set goals of WN-CARD from the health point of view, basing on the goal of the department, community health is focused to carry out all possible means to ensure that the general health of people in the grassroots communities is improved.


To promote quality health services accessibility to host communities and Refugees for self-reliance.


  • To provide knowledge on health service delivery, access among communities.
  • To create more partnerships among the stakeholders and WN-CARD

The programs include:-

  1. HIV/AIDS interventions
  • Prevention
  • Care and treatment and
  • Psycho-social support
  1. Maternal child health promotion
  • Malaria in pregnancy and under fives
  • Promotion of early health seeking behavior
  • Promotion of good nutrition among pregnant mothers and under-fives
  • Health education
  1. Reproductive Heath
  • Family planning
  • Health Education
  1. Hygiene and Sanitation

Sanitation education


Community Health at a Glance

Fig1: WN-CARD shines with her involvement in Community health in River Oli division , Arua Municipality
Fig2: WN-CARD shines with her involvement in Community health in River Oli division , Arua Municipality