Entrepreneurship and Financial inclusion

The disadvantages and discrimination faced by women and girls severely limits women’s and girls’ ability to lift themselves out of poverty. As a result, women are more likely to work in informal, low-wage jobs with exploitative and unequal working conditions, and have restricted access to affordable, quality financial products and services, like a savings account or small loan.

Therefore, WN-CARD helps women and Youth gain access to basic financial services such as bank accounts and to business skills training. Combined with efforts to strengthen women’s economic decision-making power and develop a more supportive environment in both the household and the community, this enables more women to start businesses, leading to financial independence more women have Village Saving Loan groups which allow the most vulnerable to efficiently save and invest small amount of money to grow a new business.

Goal: To provide inspiration to people for setting up small, local Industries, by utilization of resources available in the nearby areas and areas of their links

Photo: Women group leaders in Imvepi Zone I (DORU Josephine) Imvepi Zonal Environment secrtretary, Advocating for  women protection on GBV in Imvepi Refugee settlement Camp.


  • To Provide Training to Operate Business
  • To Create Awareness about Availability of the Resources
  • To Promote Small, Cottage & Local Industries
  • To Encourage Self Employment Tendencies
  • To Provide Knowledge about Government Plans and Programmes
  • To Create Awareness about Marketing

Programmes in Entrepreneurial Development

  1. Training in marketable, business, vocational, and technical entrepreneurial skills
  2. Provision of startup kits
  • Entrepreneurial coaching and business counseling
  1. Community Savings and Credit Groups (VSLA) promotion
  2. Linking the entrepreneurs with financing institutions and groups