West Nile Community Action for Rural Development is Non-governmental Organization NGO registered at district and national level with NGO Board with registration No. 12514 / S.5914/12828 WN-CARD has its Head office in the districts of Arua and Yumbe and with possible extension of Branches in the nearby Districts of Moyo, Adjuman, Koboko, Maracha, Nebbi, Zombo and Pakwachi. 


WN-CARD was established to run Socio-economic and psychological and sustainable development programs to improve livelihood of the communities and is supported by strong policies, adequate trainings and logistical services that facilitate the provision of these services.

The programs to a greater extent are to improve information flow and technical skills of communities for improved livelihoods of the people in rural areas. This will in turn enhance the capacity of the community to prevent and mitigate the impact of Diseases, increased house hold income for self-reliance and, conducive environment for peaceful co-existence and quality service delivery.

WN-CARD’s sustainable development program is envisaged to create an empowered community with improved livelihoods.